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We offer first class boarding for your dog or cat with plenty of supervision and tender loving care!


We provide a climate controlled and secure kennel for your dog and cat while you are gone. In addition, we have outside play areas along with beds that are off of the floor for your pets visit.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: You may bring toys, bedding or food for your pets. We WILL NOT be responsible for any items left or destroyed by your pet. We provide our own bedding and feed a maintenance diet at no additional cost.

Boarding Requirements

VACCINATIONS: All immunizations must be current and given by a licensed veterinarian before we can board your pet. If for any reason vaccinations are not current, they will be administered by our doctors at Animal Medical Center and at the owners expense. Proof of vaccination is required. We do require a Bordetella vaccination to be given within the last 6 months.

ENTRY EXAMINATIONS: Upon admission into the kennel, all pets must have an entrance exam. If any external parasites are found, that pet must be treated at our discretion and at the owner’s expense.


Please connect with a team member for all prices and updates. Tails Inn 806-351-2100

Sunday Pick-Up Charge: $15.00 by appointment only